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What do you get when the finest chefs in town come together? A flavor explosion!

Began with an aim to be 'deliciously different', we and our team of culinary experts have come a long way in churning out popular International cuisines with a hint of fusion so that every bite you take, bursts with flavor! Our celebrated chefs with their expertise, utilize the freshest ingredients for every dish they come up with. From grills and platter to a wide assortment of home-made desserts and beverages, we surely have a taste for every one.

Our signature dishes (highlighted in the menu) are a lot in-demand by the Charcoal fandom. Make sure to give them a try when you step in at this pleasing, inviting casual dining restaurant! Our dishes are unprecedented and give you a taste like you have never experienced before. We specialize in meat and seafood grills which is why we take pride in being the legends of Grilling!

  • 12/03/2020 - Charcoal Garden 0 Comments
    Serving Authentic Chicken – Straight from the Rotisserie!

    Do you savour juicy chicken with a lovely crispy skin? Well, Dubai folks, hold your breaths – as we have authentic Chicken Rotisserie being served at Charcoal Garden now!

    Rotisserie Roasting is a process that’s been around for a lot of years, and it involves placing the meat over an open flame until it’s cooked to perfection. Constantly rotating the meat leads to even cooking and a beautifully crisp, evenly charred skin. Charcoal Garden specializes in this, and has experienced chefs whipping up this delicacy.

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  • 24/02/2020 - Charcoal Garden 0 Comments
    Healthy Breakfast to start off your day on a delicious note!

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and to ensure a power-packed day, a healthy wholesome breakfast is must. Not just any breakfast, but a breakfast filled with nutrients, including fibre, vitamins and minerals and GREAT TASTE. This ensures you make healthy choices throughout the day! So, what makes for a good breakfast? Read on!


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